Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Sweet Solution for Sweet(er) Skin

Pumpkins have always been somewhat mysterious to me. Thanks to the French author Charles Perrault, my earliest association with pumpkins was that of a mode of transportation. Imagine that!

Over my growing up years, the mystery that surrounded pumpkins only grew. With its popular tie-in to anything horror story related and holidays like Halloween, that was pretty much the only thing I knew about pumpkins. I only learnt much later that pumpkins had actually a lot more to them than just being a prop or a part of festive decorations.

Here are some interesting facts on pumpkins in case you never knew:

  1. The name originates from the word 'pepon' (πέπων), which in Greek means “large melon" and pumpkins actually belong to the squash family.
  2. Contrary to popular misconception, pumpkins are actually fruit and not vegetable because of the botanical fact that they are the ripened ovary of a flowering plant that contains seeds.
  3. If you're looking for the Password to Beauty, here it is! Tomorrow, the username is SFpumpkin and the password is potironaulait. Remember, both are case-sensitive. You will have to enter them exactly as they are.
  4. Besides its multi-use for eat and drink, pumpkins are (also) AWESOME for your skin! Surprise, surprise. 

Hard to believe? Well, believe it! The orange hue of pumpkins are actually owed to carotenoids. They are wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help to neutralise free radicals in skin. Pumpkins are filled with vitamins A, C and E as well as powerful enzymes which are extremely effective for cleansing skin.

It comes as no surprise then to know that there are so many wonderful home-friendly pumpkin recipes out there that are so easy to make and that you'll definitely benefit from but for the days that you're less inclined to step foot in the kitchen and get your hands messy, here's a simpler (quicker, too!) alternative:

Skin Food's Potiron au Lait
Potiron au Lait ♥
Potiron au Lait is actually French for Pumpkin Pudding but loosely and directly translated, Potiron au Lait simply means "pumpkin in milk." Individually, pumpkin and milk both are already amazing food entities that are essential for good healthy skin but combined, they are even MORE amazing!

Skin Food's Potiron au Lait skincare range gives you all the richness and nutrition of genuine Pumpkin Pudding in three easy-to-carry bottles and one lightweight compact tub. The line-up comprises of a toner, an emulsion, an essence and of course, a cream. For even more intensive nourishment, there's even a rich cream.

The steps are simple. After your regular cleansing routine, pour a modest amount of Toner (MYR 50.90) in your palms or on a cotton pad and apply directly onto towel-dried face. Follow with Potiron au Lait Essence (MYR 60.90), Emulsion (MYR 60.90) and finally, Cream (MYR 60.90).

The Rich Cream (MYR 60.90) here is optional because the entire range by itself is already super rich and nourishing. Only in extremely dry conditions would I recommend the add-on of the Rich Cream thus, if you're living in a very cold/wintery-prone climate country or even a desert-climate country (where it's extreme heat during the day and extreme cold during nightfall) then the Rich Cream would be the perfect finish for you and your skin.

Due to its incredibly rich content, I, personally, would only recommend the use of this range at night (before bed). Thus, if you're still looking for products that will restore full nourishment to your skin while you sleep and not have to burn a supermassive hole in your pockets then look no further. For only MYR 416.30, you may obtain four of these products featured.

Potiron au Lait is available in all leading Skin Food outlets strategically scattered throughout Malaysia.

Stay beautiful!