Monday, 1 August 2011

Preface: Knowledge Is the One True Key.

Skin Food Malaysia has finally taken the plunge and entered the blogosphere! Many of you may be curious to know why we've decided to take this step.

A marketing ploy?
A money making gimmick?
Another way to push and promote our products, surely!

The answer to all of the above is a resounding NO. While we cannot dispute the fact that we are a business therefore our ultimate goal is to profit, the most important thing we've come to realise as a relatively significant sized player in the beauty/cosmetology field is that there is a grave lacking in information and knowledge present to consumers. Beauty companies rarely focus on placing emphasis on educating their public on the types of ingredients used in to the making of the products and how it will really benefit them in the long run.

This is where Skin Food Malaysia aims to set itself apart.

Owing to the fact that all of our products contain nutrients derived from real life food (fruits & vegetables included!) as well as plants, our goal is to make our blog an avenue for imparting in-depth information and knowledge on how extracts from the things we consume every day are able to not only influence but directly affect the overall condition of our body. Our hope is that our consumers would eventually realise just how important healthy living is -- not just in terms of skin/body care but health, wellness and lifestyle, overall.

There is truth in the famous saying "you are what you eat" but here at Skin Food, our philosophy lies in driving the goodness extracted from all things consumable to foster and nurture beauty. Because it isn't simply limited to watching what goes in to your stomach, sometimes, it's about feeding your skin treats it deserves.

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay beautiful.