Friday, 9 December 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge Prizegiving - Our Special Guests

We're pleased to invite 10 additional bloggers to our prize-giving ceremony for the Skin Food 12 Day Challenge tomorrow! They are:

  1. Fiona Loh - Street Love
  2. Callie Siew -
  3. I Love VS - Slimming Contest
  4. Suhaili Sarif - Travelblog Suhaili Sarif
  5. Jessie -
  6. Whale - The Whale
  7. Pikakitty - Paper Crown
  8. Jessying - I'm living in a box, I'm jumping out to see the world!
  9. Senri - Every Little Things About Me
  10. Chong Kim Yong - The Intelligent Toilet
Congratulations, everyone - we'll see you at our 1Utama store. :) Remember to confirm your attendance with us at the event for a sweet, sweet surprise...;)

We're all busy preparing for the big day tomorrow, and hope to see all our lovely Skinfoodians tomorrow, 12 noon at our 1 Utama store for the Skin Food 12 Day Challenge Prizegiving. Come meet all our lovely participants, and help us celebrate their efforts reviewing one of our latest products, the Skin Food Egg White Line.

Also, do stop by your nearest Skin Food store for our Christmas promotions! If you're in Selangor, the long weekend will be the perfect chance to do so. Our Christmas Gift Sets are already in stores, and will make some lucky people very, very happy. :) You can choose from the sets we've selected for our dear Skinfoodians, or create your own for a personal touch. Our staff will be happy to assist you with anything you might need.

Have a lovely weekend! :)

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  1. OH NOOOOO!!!! I didn't go for the event!!! >.< Last minute have some stuff going on!! :(