Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SKINFOOD Love Stories Contest - A Cruise To Remember

Back in February we ran the SKINFOOD Love Stories Contest, where we asked SKINFOODians to send in their best true love, sweet love and first love stories. Allysha Tong sent in a tale which went like this:
One Valentine’s Day years ago, hubby’s car broke down. We were still dating then and I was  really upset as I had looked forward to a romantic dinner together. Even worse, it was raining, the roads were jammed and we were running late! 
Sometimes life does imitate art. Like a scene from a romantic Korean drama, hubby pushed the car out of traffic’s way and dashed into a hawker center nearby. He chatted up a stall operator and amazingly managed to ‘rent’ a bike!
Everything happened so fast that I was still in a daze as we weaved our way through the crawling traffic and reached the restaurant, albeit completely dripping wet.  I looked foolish with heels, nice dress and all! The flabbergasted waiters were hesitant but after some ‘explaining’, they allowed us in. 
Everyone stared; but I was SO touched with his loving devotion. That was the sweetest Valentine’s ever. Right there and then I knew HE’s the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. 
Nowadays whenever tensions start to brew, hubby often asks cheekily whether I need a ‘romantic bike ride through the rain’ to calm down. That always has us laughing and getting all lovey-dovey again!
Allysha's story won her, among other things, a Dinner By The Cruise for two, courtesy of Mines Cruise. She and her husband got to enjoy to a romantic, private 4-course dinner while cruising slowly around the lake.

Congratulations, Allysha--and this time, we're sure you got to stay nice and dry!

A lovely couple enjoy the evening view

We're also very thankful to Mines Cruise for sponsoring this lovely couple! As well as romantic dates, The Dinner By The Cruise also caters to large parties, celebrations and other events. If you'd like to book them for your next do, just call 603.8942.1818 (8.30am – 5.30pm) or 603.89458860 (11.00am – 10.00pm). And leave them some love at their Facebook page,

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