Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WIYB: Daily Edition.

I've been meaning to do a post like this for a long time now. Having seen a number of posts like this on other blogs, it has inspired me to finally do my very own!

#1: Pink&red Coach bag
I received this bag as a birthday present and absolutely love it not just because of the colour (my favourite colour is pink!) but also because of the size of it. It's definitely storage enough for all the things I take with me on a day-to-day basis

#2: Blue faux denim wallet
I have a secret obsession with any and all things denim so, naturally, when I saw this I HAD to have it!

#3: House keys
Self-explanatory. A staple for most, I'm sure

#4: Car keys
See #3 (:

#5: Personal cellphone (Blackberry Torch 9800)
Been using the Torch for some months now and - believe it or not - I'm already bored. Despite the fact that the touch screen can be a total time saver sometimes, always having to slide out the keyboard to type is a little tedious. Let's just say that I'm highly considering a team switch here. iPhone 5, anybody? ;)

#6: Company cellphone (Samsung S3600)
This wasn't my initial work cell. I traded with a colleague of mine. As a kid, growing up, I always loved flip phones but I guess it phased out when I discovered the wonderful world of smartphones (particularly, Blackberry). Since my colleague's cell was a flip and mine was a candybar, we traded. Hello (again), Samsung!

#7: Garmin GPS
Literally my lifesaver! I would be rendered immobile without this. Given that the roads it directs me on are incredibly long sometimes but in the event of not knowing an area better, I would rather take long(er) routes than risk getting lost or stuck in a place forever

#8: Touch 'n' Go
A driver's staple, this. I carry this with me because:

a) my mom is quite paranoid that someone would break into my car to steal it if I leave it inside
b) sometimes I hop into friends' cars that don't have their own Touch 'n' Go so, yeah. Having this on my person is definitely a plus

(Can you tell I don't like to wait in queues? But then again, who does, right?)

#9: Cellphone headphones (handsfree)
Another driver's staple. Definitely something every driver should have, IMO. Pretty self-explanatory. Remember, y'all! Drive safe

#10: Sunshades (brand unknown)
These pair of sunshades I reallyreally love. Not because they're cheap (actually, I have no idea how much they cost) but because they were given to me by my cousin's wife who visited from Australia and they are VERY hardy! Also, I like how the tint on the lenses are gradiented and of course, the general size and shape of it. I've been wearing these for some years now and haven't found the need to change so I guess you could say I've found my shademate!

#11: Tomato Sun Cream SPF36 PA++ (MYR 39.50; Skin Food)
Something that's always handy to have especially since I live in this hot and humid country called Malaysia where it's pretty much summer all year `round!
The thing about this sunscreen is that it does so much good for your skin. In addition to providing protection against the sun's harmful rays, the lycopene property contained in actual tomatoes represses oxygen radicals that cause aging thus, preventing skin aging. Talk about amazing!

So lightweight and easy to apply, this sunscreen is definitely one of my favourites

#12: Camera (Lumix FX78)
I love having a camera on me at all times because you'll never know when a picture perfect moment will present itself. Definitely useful for random celebrity sightings and silly times between friends/family (: (:

#13: Fresh Celery Cleansing Tissue (MYR 14.90; Skin Food)
This is excellent to have on-hand especially when I have my full face on (referring to make-up, obviously!) and I know I'm in for a relatively long day. I love how refreshing this feels against skin and it's so good for quick removal. Albeit not complete removal, it's good enough for a quick fix until you get yourself home to your bathroom sink. LOL 

#14: Lettuce&Cucumber Water Mist (MYR 42.90; Skin Food)
If I could only have three items with me on a desert island, this would definitely be one of the three! :D No, seriously!! I love having this with me (especially if I'm gonna be outdoors a lot) because it's good for a quick refresh every time I feel my face is too dry. Can be used on a full face of make-up, too so it's all the better (: (:

#15: Tissue Pack (Royal Gold 3ply)
Girl staple: tissues! What with make-up, first class public toilet conditions and whatnot, it's always better to have a pack of tissues for just-in-cases. Royal Gold happens to be my favourite because I like colourful things! :D 

#16: Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser (Cuticura)
I have this for when I don't have access to a sink (or water source) and tissues aren't enough. Pretty self-explanatory

#17: Sheer Champagne EDT (MYR 89.90; Skin Food)
Growing up in a country where sweating is pretty much mandatory every time you're outside and under the sun for more than ten minutes, one of my biggest pet peeves (and fears, no doubt!) have always been dreadful b.o. (read: body odour). Thus, I do make it a point to carry some kind of fragrance with me whenever I can. Luckily for me, Skin Food has these really cute EDTs for sale. Despite the somewhat steep price, I do feel it's worth it as the scent doesn't evaporate quite as quick as other EDTs. "Sheer Champagne" is a sweet and slightly musky scent which is perfect for the daytime and night

#18: "Birthday Stories" by Haruki Murakami (bought at MPH)
One habit I've carried from my younger days till now is reading. I always find it necessary to have a book on me (given that there is sufficient space in my purse, of course). Right now, my current read is this wonderful short story collection put together by Haruki Murakami. The book is rather thin so I'm taking my time with it

#19: Eggplant Eye Make-up Remover Bar (MYR 22.80; Skin Food)
This is another handy dandy item to have at all times. For me, it should be the new girl staple. What is it? Well, it's basically a cotton-tipped swab with in-built make-up remover liquid. Awesome or what, eh?! :D :D Perfect for cleaning pesky eyeliner smudges!

#20: Candy Moist Rouge lipstick in #323 (MYR 28.00; Skin Food)
I'm not partial to wearing lipsticks on a daily basis but when I'm feeling for a little colour, this is my go to. The colour is nice and subtle. Natural and the texture glides on with ease. It might not be Dior or Chanel but it's good enough for me (:

#21: Avocado Multi Balm (MYR 69.90; Skin Food)
A magic little thing; I have this with me for when my hands are feeling dry or when I just want to moisten my kneecaps and elbows (yes, I have strange tendencies to!!). My most favourite quality about this multi-balm is that it doesn't leave a sticky residue

#22: Carrot Pact in #2 (MYR 69.90; Skin Food)
This pact contains Jeju-island organic carrots as its primary active ingredient so you can imagine the goodness it brings your skin. I'm not one to use foundations and BB Creams regularly so this pact is the perfect alternative for me. Light and easy, compact and mess-free. To top it all off, the coverage isn't too shabby as well

#23: Shea Butter Lip Care Bar in #5 "Milk" (MYR 22.90; Skin Food)
I LOVE this because I'm a fanatic when it comes to lipcare. I literally have one lip balm in every purse I own to ensure that I'll never be without lip balm. Dried cracked lips are the worst for me because I have a bad habit of biting and peeling till they bleed so to just prevent from all of that happening, a lip balm is the answer. This lip balm is good enough to keep lips soft but doesn't feel overly "oily" or worse, sticky. I also like the light milky scent. One of my better buys, for sure

#24: Lolliglossy Lip Tube in #5 "Mocha" (MYR 33.90; Skin Food)
Lip gloss for a nice shiny finish should the mood strikes my fancy. I like this in "Mocha" because it's the closest to a pale natural sheen. If I'm not heading for a specific occasion, I like to keep most of my make-up products as close to natural tones as possible hence, this. My favourite thing besides the subtle colour of this is the scent! It really smells like candy!! :D :D :D

#25: Creamy Smoky Crayon in #2 "Olive Black" (MYR 21.90; Skin Food)
My personal make-up staple - hands down - has to be: eyeliner. Even though my eyebrows are rather sparse, I find that eyeliner is THE most important make-up item for me by a longshot. Eyeliner does eyes a world of good, let me tell you. Since I'm rather inept with a liquid eyeliner, I've always stuck to crayons. The problem with crayons is, sometimes, they require a little more pressure to apply. With this crayon, the colour comes off strong and bold with very little effort so I keep this with me as my primary "emergency" eyeliner. The deep green tinge is rather subtle, too so it comes really close to looking like it's black

#26: Black ink Faber Castell CX5 Roller 0.5 S-Fine pen
It's always useful to have a pen. You'll never know when you'll need to fill out some forms, pass the cute Starbucks barista your number or even, *coughahem* sign some autographs ;D

So, these are my 26 things (26, oh em gee!) that I pretty much never leave home without. But of course I have my days, too where I'm just grab and go. For times like those, I'm just wallet, cellphone, keys and I'm out the door!

Stay beautiful, y'all ♥