Tuesday, 13 September 2011

WIYB: Beach Edition.

I recently got the opportunity to visit the beach again (after ages and ages!) and thought why not do another WIYB? (:

The bag I used this time is an orange NIKE beach tote that a friend of mine gave me. A lot of things are repeated, I know but that's because they're awesomely versatile and works perfect for every day as well as the beach!

(Starting from the top and moving from left to right here.)

A hairband is essential for me as I like keeping my hair off my forehead in conditions that I know will make me sweat. This helps to ensure no breakouts on my forehead as the oil generated from hair naturally when it traps sweat won't come into direct contact with my skin. I recommend that everyone pushes back their hair (boys and girls alike!) as often possible -- especially at home/during down times.

My iPod Shuffle is with me most times I leave home and especially on a vacation. What can I say, I love my music!

Skin Food's Lettuce&Cucumber Water Mist is, honest to goodness, the best MYR 42.90 spent! I absolutely love carrying this around and spritzing whenever I feel the need for a nice refreshing zing. It's so light and cooling on skin and smells AWESOME!! Hands down, my favourite "For Every Day" use product!!

Obviously, when heading for the beach, one has to bring along sunblock! :D Decided to try the latest sunscreen from Skin Food that is the Gold Kiwi Sun Cream SPF36 PA++ and I was pleasantly delighted with how light the texture is (so not greasy!) and how well it goes on. The only negative for me was the coverage. I didn't squeeze out a lot thinking that it would be sufficient to just dot and spread (like other sunscreens) but it took quite some effort to spread on. I suppose this is due to the fact that it's dense. At any rate, it performed to satisfaction. My younger sister even commented that I looked fairer somehow. Went in the water with it on and it didn't feel runny so that's another plus!

Sunglasses. Another obvious beach staple. (For checking out cute boys inconspicuously! ;D)

My camera. Goes with me wherever whenever.

Reading material. A magazine is best for me at the beach because of the fact that glossy pages do better with water/wet fingers. Heh. Seventeen was my pick this time around.

Towel. No explanation necessary, I believe. (:

Avocado Multi Balm for chapped lips or over sunbaked spots. I just like carrying this around for the "just-in-case-of-dry-skin" moments. Available at Skin Food for only MYR 69.90

That's a peek into what goes in my bag when I go to the beach! What are your beach essentials?